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Silt control services

Here at Aquatic Management Services Ltd, our qualified staff have many years of experience in dealing with silt control for lakes, ponds and rivers.

Much of our lake and fishery work involves repairing and restoring water bodies to their original form and fixing the damage caused by erosion, eutrophication and agriculture. We regularly remove silt from water bodies which over time have built up a thick layer of sediment and eventually will become dry land. This natural process of ageing is known as eutrophication, and removing or reducing this silt is key to restoring life and productivity back into the water.

Our silt control services include:

Silt Pumping

We are able to physically remove accumulated silt by diluting and mixing it into a slurry and pumping it either onto adjacent land or into geotextile silt bags or bunded areas where the silt can dewatered and incorporated into the landscape. This can avoid expensive removal from the site and is the preferred method wherever possible. Where this is viable, it can often be the only effective method of silt removal in certain situations, such as lined ponds and also provides the least amount of mess .


Dredging and Silt Excavation

The other method of physical silt removal is by dredging or digging the silt from the lake bed using amphibious or land-based excavators. The silt can be excavated together with unwanted plants, roots and branches, and is deposited onto the bank, before being loaded into dumper trucks and transported to suitable areas for disposal or landscaping. This is the preferred method where there is not sufficient water available for silt pumping, or where plants are also being removed at the same time.


Calcium Carbonate Application

If physical removal is not possible, a less invasive and certainly lower-cost long term option to consider is the application of certain forms of calcium carbonate to the water. These products can considerably reduce accumulated masses of silt, as well as clarifying the water. We apply these products using our specially equipped boat with outboard and can advise on a long term management plan to keep your water clear and productive year after year.


Silt Traps and Reed Bed Filters

Once the water body has been restored, if there is a flow of water entering the water body, this is generally the major cause of silt input and if this is effectively managed it can minimise future silt accumulation within the water. We are able to design and construct silt traps and reed bed filters which effectively trap the sediments before they enter the water, and can be regularly emptied and managed. Reed beds have the added advantage of both physically trapping silt particles as well as absorbing excess nutrients from the incoming water which can lead to algal blooms and promote excessive plant growth.

Please contact us to discuss the most effective solution for your water.

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